Bring Out Your Radiant Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry in Encinitas & Escondido

Life is too short to hide your smile. Willes Dental has a number of cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you smile again. Dr. Willes and Dr. Golshan will be happy to sit down and discuss all available options to bring out the beautiful smile inside you. Here’s how you will benefit from our smile services:

  • Get a more aesthetically pleasing smile you can be proud of.
  • Boost your confidence in romantic settings.
  • Improve the overall health of your teeth and mouth.
  • Reduce shyness about speaking up in public.

Don’t put off getting your dream smile. Call either of our convenient locations today for an appointment: Encinitas 760-576-2214 or Escondido 760-477-0338. You can have a smile worthy of a celebrity!

Choose From Many Options to Restore Your Smile

Whether your smile needs a little touch-up or the full spa treatment, the team at Willes Dental can deliver the results you’ve been waiting for. Below are some of the smile solutions we offer in our office:

  • ClearCorrect orthodontics. Straighten your teeth in about 12 months using clear, plastic teeth aligners. With this comfortable orthodontic option, you won’t have to deal with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires.
  • Dental implant restoration. Say goodbye to missing teeth when we attach a porcelain crown, bridge, or dentures to your implants. No one will know they aren’t your natural teeth.
  • Tooth bonding. Tooth-colored composite resin will repair imperfections like gaps, chips, stains, and uneven teeth.
  • Dental veneers. Conceal tooth flaws such as cracks, chips, fractures, stains, and oddly shaped teeth with these super-thin shells. We will bond them securely to the front of your teeth for a quick, dramatic smile transformation!
  • Tooth contouring. We take care of minor tooth imperfections such as chips, rough edges, and unevenness by lightly smoothing the edges of the tooth.
  • Gum reshaping. If your smile is too “gummy,” our gentle laser procedure will shape your gums to reveal more of the natural beauty of your pearly whites.
  • Teeth whitening. Whiten your teeth how and when you want with Opalescence. Take custom-fit whitening trays to use at home or use convenient prefilled trays on-the-go.

The sky is the limit for your smile with cosmetic dentistry solutions at Willes Dental! Call either of our locations today to schedule your consultation: Encinitas, CA 760-576-2214 or Escondido, CA 760-477-0338.

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