Get Your Bite Back With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Encinitas & Escondido

Dental crowns and bridges are one of the many restorative dentistry options we have at Willes Dental to complete your smile. Below are some advantages of getting a crown or bridge at one of our SoCal locations:

  • Increase your confidence in social and business settings.
  • Make biting and chewing easier.
  • Protect weak teeth from further damage.
  • Help you look younger and more vital.
  • Allow you to enjoy a variety of crunchy foods.
  • Help you to speak more clearly and be understood.

In addition, our TS150 chairside mill offers advanced technology so you can get your new crown in just one visit!

Get the smile you’ve been missing. Call Dr. Willes and his team today to schedule your appointment. We have two locations for your convenience – Encinitas, CA 760-576-2214 and Escondido, CA 760-477-0338.

Find Out How You Can Benefit From a Crown or Bridge

Crowns and bridges offer us a great deal of flexibility in restoring your teeth to their original function and beauty. These versatile restorations, combined with our experience and expertise in placing them, are a winning formula for our patients.

Natural-looking porcelain crowns are used to repair a diseased or damaged tooth. The crown fits over the top of your tooth and is cemented securely in place to enhance the tooth’s appearance and strength.

If you have a single missing tooth, we can secure a crown on top of your dental implant to create a beautiful replacement tooth that has almost all the biting power of your original tooth.

The team at Willes Dental can also use a bridge to fill in missing teeth. Traditional bridges consist of one or more replacement teeth and are anchored on either side by your natural teeth. To replace several missing teeth, we can secure a bridge to two or more dental implants for a sturdy solution.

Besides restoring your biting and chewing power, dental bridges help prevent your healthy teeth from shifting due to gaps from missing teeth.

Call the dental crowns and bridges experts today to get a beautiful new smile! Our Encinitas, CA number is 760-576-2214, and our Escondido, CA number is 760-477-0338.

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