Enjoy a Full Set of Teeth With Dentures in Encinitas & Escondido

Like a lot of our patients, you may have suffered from tooth loss. But the good news is that dentures from Willes Dental can replace your missing teeth and help you enjoy many things about everyday life that often get taken for granted.

Dentures may bring to mind your grandmother’s “false teeth” from your childhood. Replacement teeth have come a long way since then! Here are some benefits of modern dentures:

  • Restore your teeth and complete your smile.
  • Enable you to enjoy a wider variety of foods.
  • Make chewing and digestion easier.
  • Help you talk more clearly.
  • Boost your confidence so you can smile with ease again.

Get your smile back with custom-fit dentures! Call either of our two convenient locations today. Our Encinitas, CA office 760-576-2214 is on Second Street, not far from Mildred MacPherson Park. Our Escondido, CA office 760-477-0338 is near the intersection of Valley Parkway and Bear Valley Parkway.

Choose From Several Dentures Options

No matter your situation, Dr. Willes and his team can help you smile again. You’ll be showing off your new teeth in no time! We offer several options for replacing your teeth with new dentures:

  • Conventional full dentures. Replace a full arch of teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Your custom dentures will give you a gleaming new smile, plus they’ll allow you to bite and chew comfortably. You can easily remove these for daily cleaning.
  • Partial dentures. If you have healthy teeth remaining, a partial denture may be all you need to restore your bite and smile. Like full dentures, these are easily removable for cleaning.
  • Immediate dentures. You can get a set of replacement teeth the same day your teeth are extracted. You won’t have to wait for your new dentures.
  • Implant-supported and implant-retained dentures. Using dental implants to secure your dentures offers several benefits. Your dentures will stay firmly in place without slipping and sliding, plus dental implants prevent bone loss that is common with missing teeth.

If you think dentures may be right for you, give either of our locations a call to schedule an appointment – Encinitas, CA 760-576-2214 or Escondido, CA 760-477-0338. Get a new smile and enjoy having all your teeth again!

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